Nood Garlic Managed By Fresh Produce Wholesale


Nood Garlic is one of Canada’s largest, packers, distributors, and processors of garlic in Canada. We are also the largest marketers of numerous varieties of fresh produce. All products are distributed throughout Canada and USA.

Our expertise assures our customers superior quality, reliability, and a wide range of choices to fit your every need. At our facility in Windsor, Ontario, we use state-of-the-art technology in the processing, packing, and shipping of our fresh and specialty garlic products. We offer fresh garlic all year round in a variety of pack sizes. We customize our packaging to fit our customers’ needs.

For Foodservice: we offer peeled garlic in different sized plastic bags.

Nood Garlic also distributes numerous varieties of produce to restaurants, retailers, hotels, and wholesalers.

We have the ability to cover Canada locally and throughout different provinces at a very competitive price all year round.

Commitment to quality and service is the backbone of our business. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs, from developing new package styles and sizes to developing new products. This service and customization have contributed to nood garlic many years of great success and growth.

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